Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting Back At It

Well, the first week and a half are just about over.

With several of the younger classes we have done some work with steady beat.  We have even played some different games and learned some chants to help enforce steady beat.  The third and fourth grade students have started learning about and reviewing (respectively) about counting rhythms.  Of course all of the classes have worked on new music from "ABC Rock" to "There's a Hole in the Bucket" to "Dear Ole Daddy's Whiskers".

The fifth grade music classes got started for the first time earlier this week, however, due to the heat schedule, we did not meet for a second time this week.  Next week we should get into the swing of things.

Seventh grade choir has sung through many selections from about three different songs.  We worked on voice placement to help us sound like a choir of one voice, and it has made a difference in their sound.  I am very excited about their sound and how well they have worked in the heat.


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