Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Washington and Libertyville Pirates Have Set Sail to Seek Treasures in Books!!!

On Thursday, Feb. 17th and Monday, Feb. 21st, the students of Washington and Libertyville Elementary (respectively) set sail on a Pirate Adventure.  Their goal???  Find exciting gems and treasures in books!  ARRRR!

This was the kick-off days for the reading incentive.  These pirate kings and queens will be bringing home reading logs and are asked to fill them out based on the requirements of their age and school.  Each week that your student returns a completed reading log, they will be awarded prizes for their participation in this treasure hunt.  Prizes vary depending on the school.  These weekly prizes could be anything from pirate garb to root beer floats.  What stays the same between the schools however is that each student needs to read at home an return completed reading logs on time to receive these prizes.

During the kickoff, the students had all learned two pirate songs to be able to set sail on this adventure.  At Washington Elementary, teachers even wrote a short skit to introduce the reading incentive.  The students also were treated to one of the two videos below to help them get into the right state of mind to dig deep into books for buried treasure.

Once their treasure hunt is over (four weeks), those scallywags who have completed enough reading logs successfully to meet the requirements laid out for the grand prize, will enjoy their grand prize after returning from spring break.  Help your little Matey's to fill out and return their reading logs each week so that they can be eligible for the grand prize.

So.....train your trusty parrot to say "Read to me matey!!!", swab the deck and prepare for anchors aweigh as you are invited to become an active pirate yourselves in your young pirate's quest for buried treasure......those gems and priceless treasures buried in BOOKS!!


The following videos were used to help inspire the students to be pirates who don't do anything....but read.


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