Thursday, February 17, 2011

Libertyville and Washington Reading Incentives!!!

This afternoon (2/17/11) and Monday morning (2/21/11) Washington and Libertyville Elementaries (in that order) will be kicking off their Spring Reading Incentive program.  Both schools are basing their programs on a Pirate Theme.  For the last two weeks all of the students in each building have been working on two pirate songs so that they can actively participate in the incentive kick-off!

Besides singing these songs, the students will be introduced to the rules of the incentive as well as the prizes that can be earned through reading in the next four weeks.

To end the assembly each school will watch a prepared video to get them excited to read!!  So, for the next four weeks, your students just might be Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.......But Read!!

Watch for the incentive videos to be added possibly next week.

PS - I hope you enjoyed the Pirate Atmosphere provided by the music as you entered my blog.


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