Viewing My Live Stream Of Our Program

To view the live stream of our program, please point your web browser to the following address.

When you first come to the site, if the live stream is not yet broadcasting, you will see something similar to the following picture:

This shows a list of recently posted videos etc that you could view.

Once the Live Stream is up and broadcasting, you should see, somewhere on this first page, a window that shows the "Live" icon in the corner:

 Once in a while when I was testing, I got the window popping up with the "Live" icon in the corner, yet the window was black.  If you notice the white arrow next to the "Live" icon, if you click that, then the screen changes and the video begins to stream.  Even if you see the live stream, you can click that white arrow to move to the next screen.

After clicking the white arrow, you will be taken to a screen that looks like the following picture.

Once you get the stream coming to your computer, then, if you move your mouse over the bottom of the video window, you will see the option to expand the video to full screen.  If at anytime you want to leave the full screen option, you just have to tap your ESC key on your keyboard.

I hope that these instructions are clear and that you are able to join us "virtually" for our program.

If you have any questions, please contact me at