Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Concert Recap

The 3rd and 4th grade students from Libertyville and Washington Elementary Schools presented their Spring Program on Monday, April 18th at the Sondheim Center just off the square in Fairfield.  The students presented a program that gave their audience a brief history lesson of Jazz and some of the musical styles that grew out of Jazz such as the Blues and Swing.

Each grade had a couple songs on their own that fit into the history of Jazz.  Besides the 3rd and 4th grade students, students involved in the 4th Grade Ensemble from each school also had a couple songs.  The entire students assembly also combined on several songs.  In between several of the songs, many students got the opportunity to come down front and read some of the history to the audience.

The show teased the ears with sounds of each type of music, but the senses were also satisfied by the giant projection screen behind the students.  The slideshow used for the program announced each song selection, as well as providing visual pictures of many of the great Jazz composers and performers that were mentioned throughout the program.  Many of the most well-known composer/performers were highlighted by some of the readers and were mentioned again in one of the final numbers that had a Jazz twist to a very famous Beethoven piece.  Ode To Jazzers listed 54 different composers/performers who influenced Jazz.

Besides our students from Libertyville and Washington not only shared the stage with each other, but they also shared the stage with one of the most well-known Jazzers…..Louis Armstrong.  Armstrong was born in 1901 and died in 1971.  The final song performed in the program was “What a Wonderful World” written and originally performed by Armstrong himself.  The students performed this piece on the stage as a slideshow of pictures from their individual classes played behind them for their parents to see.  The pictures were taken in the classroom, at recess and other places such as field trips.  Now, you may ask, just how did they share the stage with Mr. Armstrong?  During the final song there was a trumpet solo.  As you can see in the accompanying video below, Satcmo joined the students on the projection screen in a video as he played the solo to accompany our students.  What you can do with technology can really be inspiring.

Mr. Grunwald is very proud of the students and how they performed.  Many positive comments have been made by parents and shared with their students.  Mr. Grunwald wishes to thank all of the parents and guardians for their interest and support of their students musical endeavors. 

I have also included a clip of the second song on the program, which was the first combined song on the program as well as the final song in its entirety.


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